Seeking Spain is my little self-titled adventure tripping around, well… Spain.

Follow me on this crazy life-enhancing journey as I faced my fears, charged into the unknown and trailblazed through my healing process.


1) How it all began

2) Malaga – The Jewel of the Andalucian coast

3) Alcazaba de Malaga

4) Castillo de Gibralfaro

5) Enroute to Granada

6) Ola Granada!

7) Of new friends and exploring the Albayzin

8) Backstreets

9) Mirador San Nicolas

10) Mezquita Mayor de Granada

11) Sacromonte

12) Flamenco



13) Alhambra – The Shadow of a Sultanate

14) Hiking Up

15) The Mosque Baths

16) Charles V Palace

17) Entering the Nasrid Palaces

18) The Mexuar

19) Patio of the Gilded Room

20) Comares Palace

21) Court of the Lions

22) Hall of the Abencerrajes

23) Hall of the Two Sisters

24) Daraxa’s Mirador & Gardens

25) Torre de la Damas

26) Alcazaba

27) Generalife

28) The story of the Turkish desserts.



29) Cordoba – The City that Changed Thought.

30) Winding lanes of history

31) What’s the big deal about the mezquita-cathedral?

32) Inside Cordoba’s Mezquita-Cathedral

33)  Thank you, little one.

34) Adieu, Granada


35) The stranger to Sevilla

36) Sevilla, an introduction

37) Sevilla: Free walking tour

38) No me he dejado




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