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As TheTudungTraveller, I write about independent and meaningful travel. I empower others to go out and chase after what they believe in and what makes them happy. In addition to travel stories, you can also find meaningful and spiritual content on my blog, Facebook page and Instagram.

I am available for writing product reviews on lifestyle products. Please note that it will always be communicated to readers if products have been received complementary or discounted, and all opinions will be honest and personal.

I am also available for campaigns, or themed travel series focusing on meaningful and independent travel experiences that can influence daily lifestyles. Working with is an excellent way to promote your destination or travelrelated product/activity to an audience of inspiration-seeking travellers.

I am also keen to explore partnerships or sponsorships with companies that reflect the same values that I do: independent travel, self-empowerment and living the best life possible. Partnerships can take various forms: one-off, long-term, project-basis.

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Travel: 6 Wondrous Destinations To Travel to during Ramadhan for Expedia

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 10.11.25 AM

Travel: Manchester for Gaya Magazine

Travel: Hong Kong for Pink Pangea


Travel: Liverpool for Gaya Magazine


Life: 7 Lessons I learnt Travelling Solo as a Hijabi for Wandering Wonderers

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 12.35.11 AM

Life: Feature on The Shawl Label












Life: Practical steps to embrace His gifts, even when you’re struggling on The Shawl Label


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