PR & Disclaimer

As ‘The Tudung Traveller’, I write about independent and meaningful travel and empowers others to go out and chase after what they believe in and what makes them happy. In addition to travel stories, you can also find meaningful and spiritual content on the blog.

I am available for writing product reviews on lifestyle products. Please note that it will always be communicated to readers if products have been received complementary or discounted, and all opinions will be honest and personal.

I am also available for campaigns, or themed travel series focusing on meaningful and independent travel experiences that can influence daily lifestyles. Working with is an excellent way to promote your destination or travel-related product/activity to an audience of inspiration-seeking travellers.

I am also keen to explore partnerships or sponsorships with companies that reflect the same values that I do: independent travel, self-empowerment and living the best life possible. Partnerships can take various forms: one-off, long-term, project-basis.

A variety of advertising options is available, from sponsored posts to social media coverage (Facebook page & Instagram).

If you are interested to collaborate, feel free to drop me a message at

I do, however, reserve the right to reject any proposals if it goes against my values and beliefs. (:

Disclaimer: All information provided on and taken from is at your own risk. Unless otherwise noted, I (Nur Atikah Amalina) am the legal copyright holder of all (written, multimedia and graphic) material on this website and it may not be used, reprinted, (partially) modified or published without my written consent. If you do wish to share, please have the courtesy to credit because hey, that’s only nice right? A lot of work and time have been placed into writing the content. 🙂

All the information provided is for general information and entertainment purposes only and is the expressed opinion of myself.

Lots of love,


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