World Mental Health Day 2018

Today, on 10 October, on #worldmentalhealthday , I stand for a story of strength, resilience and courage. We are not weak or any less of a human being for having mental health issues. This is our story to write.


When I first started writing about my struggles with depression (and then PTSD, bipolar & panic disorder), it was an act of radical compassion and stepping into my truth. Writing is my way of making sense of the world, and I desperately needed to make sense of it then.

What I had not anticipated was for people to come up to me to share their own struggles and their sense of loneliness. Every time that happens, it warms my heart to hold someone’s trust but also strangles it to witness such deep pain. That eventually led to the setting up of safe spaces, offline and online, for women to come together to acknowledge their mental health struggles out loud (oh the power in this), to support and celebrate each other by being present and sharing tips, and to stand in community in our recovery and being.

This journey has led me to meet many people who inspire me by the immense amount of strength, resilience and courage they have, but who are so unaware of their own light.

We often think that strength looks like picking up weights or running marathons or being able to complete 1001 things. We forget that strength also exists in the quiet. It exists in a stubborn commitment to give living well another shot when you’re severely depressed, in going to see a doctor for a referral to see a psychologist and getting a diagnosis for further treatment, in opening yourself up to love and connection when you’ve spent your life feeling unloved and detached, in speaking out your truth in a shaky voice when you have crippling anxiety.

If you are struggling (or know someone struggling) with mental health issues, here are some resources that may be of benefit. All links are in bio:
1) Article on ways to get professional mental health help in Singapore:
2) Online Peer Support Facebook Group for Women with Mental Health Issues:
3) *New* Daily Strength: Instagram account to help you get through difficult days: @thesafe_space_
4) Youtube Vlogs on Mental Health Issues/Suicide:

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