Help raise funds for HIV women shelter!

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Last Sunday, Singapore’s The Straits Times featured Kak Rahayu, founder of Sinar Sofia, and the fundraising campaign that I am running for the HIV Women and Children Shelter that she runs.

The Launchgood campaign aims to raise enough funds for them to sustain medical and daily needs for the shelter for at least a year, so that they will feel secure financially and focus on capacity building and sustainable efforts for the women in the shelter.

I have been personally getting to know and supporting Kak Ayu and the shelter over the past year, and have had the privilege of getting to know Baby Fattah, the child of a resident of the home who was just born in April this year. He is HIV positive and has been in and out of the doctor’s clinic for check-ups and blood tests since birth. He also needs to take HIV medication daily. Carrying his tiny frail body tugged my heartstrings – how can a child go through so much?

His mother, who is also HIV positive, first came to the centre, with only a small bag of clothes and RM20 in her purse, pregnant with child. Abandoned by her partner, and with no job & no place to go, the shelter is now their home.

The shelter is also now home to several other women with HIV. As we know, preparing for a baby and raising a child takes A LOT of effort, resources, and money. Furthermore, running a shelter home isn’t an easy task, what more for women with complicated medical requirements and overwhelming stigma attached. Due to the stigma, the shelter does not receive any government grants or help.

Listening to the financial burden that the shelter faces inspired me to start a Launchgood campaign for them. Your contributions will primarily go to supporting medical costs (HIV medication, blood tests), Baby Fattah’s milk and diapers, and the daily running of the shelter (groceries, rent, bills). I hope you’ll find it in your heart to donate to this campaign and share it with your friends and on your social media!

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Help us support Fattah and Muslim women with HIV in Johor. May you reap all the blessings with your kind deed! You can donate from anywhere in the world!

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