A heart for baby Fattah

Baby Fattah is here, alhamdulillah!! One of Sinar Sofia’s residents, M, has given birth to a baby boy, and after sorting out several complications, have been allowed to go home. Both are HIV+, and baby Fattah has to go to the clinic every 3 days for blood works and doctor’s review. That’s really a lot for a baby to go through. 😞
WhatsApp Image 2018-04-10 at 8.00.46 PM.jpeg
As we know, preparing for a baby and raising a child take A LOT of effort, resources and money. Furthermore, running a shelter home isn’t an easy task, what more for women with complicated medical requirements and overwhelming stigma attached. I got really excited seeing the release of the latest Product (Red) version for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which raise funds for The Global Fund, which helps people affected by HIV or AIDS in several African countries. Here’s a chance to help those affected by HIV/AIDS who are close to us!

Join me as we raise funds together to welcome the baby as well as to help in the daily running of the shelter home for marginalised women and women with HIV. Together, we can be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. ❤️

Below are their bank account details:
Their Singapore OCBC Account Number : OCBC 517747580001 (Branch Code 517) under Rahayu Bte Rahmat, Secretary for Sinar Sofia.

Alternatively: you may visit their website:www.sinarsofiashelter.com and click on the Paypal donate button for your contribution.

For direct online transfers, their NGO bank details are as follows :
Account Name : Persatuan Kebajikan Sinar Sofia, Johor Bahru
Bank : Maybank (Johor Bahru)
Account Number : 551397670029
Swift Code : MBBEMYKL
Bank Code : 01011

If you are based in Singapore and would like to support them more sustainably, you may set up recurring funds transfer (monthly) via your bank account iBanking Services.

Please feel free to share this!

*Persatuan Kebajikan Sinar Sofia is an NGO that works to get girls & children off the streets, to rehabilitate them, and to provide alternative dignified employment. They work to help break the vicious cycle and provide an understanding ear and hands to the voiceless.#sinarsofiashelterforwomen


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