Intro to Backpacking Course

Last Sunday, I combined several of my hats – teacher, traveller, facilitator – and conducted the Intro to Backpacking course, the first ever course for The Tudung Traveller Academy and I’m so glad it was such a blast!

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I knew I needed to carry out the course after getting so many emails from ladies who would like to start backpacking but didn’t know how or where to start. I also wanted to make backpacking more accessible to the ladies in my own community! 

The sold out course saw a group of ladies coming together to learn more about the essentials of backpacking and discuss heartfelt concerns related to it. 

The informal setting and sharing between both participant and facilitator was a great way to learn. The lesson plan was well structured to cover the basics of backpacking.


I’m a great believer of interactive and hands-on sessions, so that was exactly how I carried the course out!

I liked how the talk was delivered. It wasn’t the traditional ‘sit in and listen’ kind of talk. We shifted around and got to know each other. Talk was pretty laid back but jam packed with a lot of tips and essentials about backpacking.

The ladies wrote down their inputs on post-it notes for the many discussion questions we had, I showed them how to choose the right backpack for their trips, and I also shared tips and tricks for packing light, and gave them the opportunity to get hands-on experience as well.



One of the things I found so powerful was addressing the fears and worries associated to backpacking. I believe that all fears and emotions are valid, and what’s important is to clarify them, understand the underlying causes, and learn how to move forward from them.


I liked how I met other women who were interested in the same thing i was; backpacking. To know that my worries are relevant and that other women share the same worries and fear about backpacking with me. It was an eye-opener to know the things you learn from backpacking can be applied to daily life and vice-versa.

I was so nervous before the course but the ladies were such a great bunch that I couldn’t help but feel I was sharing my knowledge with girlfriends!

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Loved that this course may potentially be the platform for like-minded individuals within our community to connect and it definitely has for me.

I also personally learnt many important lessons in carrying out courses and am looking forward to continue improving it – yes there will be more future editions of the Intro to Backpacking course to come, so do keep a heads-up for that!

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I’m also making the intention to remove the digital dust on this blog and will post more updates here too. Here’s hoping to a great 2018, sweethearts!

Atikah Amalina
The Tudung Traveller

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  1. My name chik Soleha .need HELP! from you Atikah.regarding travelling. pls CALL me .hope you will respone. im waiting .thanks.

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