Thank you, 2017

Oh, 2017 was spectacular in its highs and lows. I had a traumatic experience early in the year, and for a very long time, I thought that was going to define my year. But it didn’t. I refused to allow it. I AM human though, and I did go through post-traumatic stress disorder. It took me a long time and a hell lot of courage before I sought help, but with support from my friends and brothers, I went for therapy. I then subsequently recognised my first bout of full-blown mania which preceded a depressive episode, and that eventually led to a bipolar disorder diagnosis and treatment plan.
But I’ve learnt that jumping from setback to setback with undiminished enthusiasm & faith is the big secret.
There were so many highs from this year as well. I volunteered in India, I got published on Huffington Post, I started Me Too, Ladies and Real Talk, I launched The Good Spender and The Tudung Traveller Academy, I met Kak Ayu and the good people of Sinar Sofia, I spoke on several panels on matters close to my heart, I built a family at The Codette Project, I danced away at Ed Sheeran’s concert, I travelled a lot and healed along the way, I took joy in service with Rainbows for Batam and the Rainbow Bake Sales, I got featured on news and programmes, I truly learnt what self-love and self-care meant, I get to continue making a difference in people’s lives, and many more.
Ah, 2017. A year filled with light and darkness and trauma and joy. A year that called for immense strength and fortitude and resilience and faith. A year that challenged and prodded and forced growth yet taught self-kindness and care. A year of gains and losses and endings and beginnings. A year of service and of being served. A year that demanded standards to be raised.
On this last day of 2017, I give thanks and gratitude for all that this year has offered and I have had been able to offer. I seek forgiveness for and learnings from any shortcomings and mistakes. And I pray for another spectacular year of growth, healing, love and faith in 2018 for me and for every one of you sweethearts.
Believe you can, sweetheart, and you will. 💋

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