Broken yet Whole

“Life will send tragedy hurtling into your orbit. It always does. And how you react to that tragedy, how you learn and shift and grow and the resilience you exhibit — all of these things are indicators of who you are. Your tragedy does not have to be your calling card. You can define yourself as a survivor, of course, because to survive something harrowing is to do exactly what life asked you to do. That is a badge of honor in and of itself, and you should be proud of that. 

But to be a survivor is different from the act itself, whatever that act may be. Abuse, miscarriage, cheating, job loss, illness, an accident — whatever it is that impacts your life is, by definition, going to be hard to deal with. And though it might change your life, it does not have to be your entire life. You are not what has been done to you.

There are still many more milestones to achieve, all of which requires you. Don’t lose yourself in the fire.”

It requires strength to keep our heads up high in challenging situations. It requires even more strength and humility to allow ourselves to be weak for a moment and to accept our limited capacity as a human. Only then will we be able to look beyond and realise that the strength we seek is from a Greater source, that we are being sharpened to a point.

Through it all, I have learnt that courage doesn’t always look like screaming and fighting battle after battle. Sometimes courage looks like asking for help. Sometimes courage looks like helping a friend in need. Sometimes courage looks like getting up again. Sometimes courage screams, but sometimes it whispers. 

Sometimes courage is rising up, trying again, trying better and keeping to the things that make our heart at peace.

As I ran my hands over the Broken Yet Whole painting I made last week, it rested on the gold parts of me. I’ll share the reason behind my fascination with gold soon. As I made the intention to be brave today, I told myself: “Another day, another chance to make things right.” 

For us all. Have a beautiful week ahead. ❤️

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