When going make-upless becomes a brave act.

I received several heartfelt messages about my recent IG story about my make-up less face and I’d thought I’d use this opportunity to repeat this message. 

Here’s the thing, it really is not always make-up and dresses. Most days I wake up, put on something decent (that doesn’t need ironing) and get out the door. I ain’t got time for make-up cos sleep is too precious for me & school starts way too early (yes students, teachers feel it too). My students always see me without makeup, HEHE. WHERE GOT TIME. 
You know, our online personas have trouble telling the truth. Meaning, we mostly don’t post what we perceive isn’t cool. We look on social media and think, “Man, their lives looks so amazing.” Don’t be fooled by what we see on social media. Social media is, as Andrea Gibson aptly writes, a “lousy mortician, desperately trying to make us all look more alive.” It’s sad how going make-upless is seen as an act of courage.

I also grew up extremely conscious of how I look. People used to tell me that I was too big, that I needed to close my mouth while smiling because it was too gummy, that I was too loud. But I’ve learnt that being a successful woman is more than just being a pretty face, and the path to success goes further than fitting into what fashion holds holy, or what people expect you to be. 
It’s about being involved in something bigger than ourselves, and being passionate about something that gives our lives purpose and direction. Intelligence, wit, courage, kindness, resilience – these all matter as well. I’ve learnt not to apologise for who I am, for making my presence known, for using what I have to create a difference in lives. I smile widely now because it makes me happy, and I’ve been told that my smile can brighten someone’s day. 
Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t have to be an either or thing – I love wearing pretty skirts and dresses, and I swear by red lipstick, but by God, I’m more than that. I’m still me, even on days when I don’t take the time to put on make-up or nice clothes. I refuse to be defined by anything, heck not even by my travels, because nothing is capable enough of containing all that I am. 
Don’t limit yourself either. Be the best you can ever be. Smile a little wider and be big. Shine so bright that nobody can ignore you as your light their way, whether they like it or not. The world needs more people who are beautiful and rich in more ways than the convention. Mediocrity doesn’t make the world a better place. Living a full life does. You are worthy – let’s not waste away a life just to wake up regretting the what-ifs one day. 
So yes, this is what I look like most days. I have a wide smile on my face, and I like to goof around and be silly especially in front of my class, because hey, I’m the teacher and I can have the most fun I want. The kids just have to deal with me, cos HEY I’M THE TEACHER. 😂



2 thoughts on “When going make-upless becomes a brave act.

  1. Being make-up free feels so much free-er. Its not about being couragous to me, its about loving our face for what Allah has given us. I have nothing to hide. The media has definitely portrayed that to be beautiful you have to wear make up and all, which is partially true. But use make up to enhance your facial features not hide youri insecurities, IMO. Still, i appreciate MUAs tho, their arts thru makeup are superb! Haha. May Allah grant us more patience and love to love ourselves with what He has given us. ❤

    • Indeed! I agree on the point on using it to enhance our features and to feel good about ourselves, because hey, who doesn’t love beauty right? 🙂 and ameen to your du’a!!

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