Facing your demons// Suicide Prevention Day 2016

This morning, I sat on the steps leading to the water and caught the sunrise.

It was on the same steps 3 years ago, where I’d contemplated taking my life. I didn’t commit the act on that trip because I wanted so very much to prove people wrong. It may not have been the best reason to choose life, but it was my reason, and that was enough.

There’s a certain calm that embraces you when you’re willing to greet and embrace your darkness the same way you do for your light. It’s pretty amazing to look back to track your progress, and realise that you’ve come further than you ever thought possible. There are many things that I’m proud of, and many lessons that I’ve had to fall hard and learn from. So much good came out of the good fight, and it wouldn’t have been possible had I chosen the easy way out.

There’s always a chance to do better, to take something ugly and painful and make it a positive force in the world, to struggle beautifully and be gentle and kind. There’s so much beauty and goodness in the world, and purpose beyond all that the human mind can muster.

If you’re struggling too, I hope you know that you’re not alone. That your struggle will not be in vain, and that you can always choose to do the best that you can. I wrote the attached article on Suicide Prevention Day, and I hope it’ll reach out to those who may need to read it today.

You are valuable and you are enough.I hope you’ll always choose life.

The Tudung Traveller

I wrote this three years ago, while in Bali.

“He’s crazy,” I said to his wife, watching him jump into the treacherous water as the storm raged on.
“You’re crazy too. You’re standing in the rain.”

I guess she’s right.

It finally stormed today, after 5 days of beautiful weather. It’s a bit like life isn’t it? The storm comes for a visit every once in a while, if anything, just to remind you of the beauty that you could have taken for granted.

But really, even in the storm, there is beauty. In the darkness, in the choppy waters of the ocean that crashes mightily into the rocks and in the heavy raindrops that fall and stings my face, there was a silent beauty.

I was absolutely drenched as I sat by the edge of the ocean and took in the storm. It was one of the most…

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4 thoughts on “Facing your demons// Suicide Prevention Day 2016

  1. Thank you. Such a powerful piece. I remember many many many years ago when I considered taking my life. It was actually fear of eternal hell that kept me away and I am now so very grateful for my faith.

    I pray you are given ease and peace. Sending much love x

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