Rainbows for Batam 2016

Last week, during Women’s Worth Wednesday with Soul Academy, I shared how Rainbows for Batam started when I was down in the pits post-apocalyptic-breakup, back in 2013. I’d just come back from Manchester, and had followed my ex’s aunts to Batam for their orphanage visit during Ramadhan, and well, everything else is history. There have been a few Rainbows for Batam trips since then, with various lives impacted, and I dare say – it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t crashed and burnt that fateful 2013. It still amuses me, thinking about how things turned out.

In 2 weeks time, on 12-13 November, another team will be heading to Batam, to the very orphanage which touched my heart that first trip. The Rainbows for Batam Nov 2016 team will be spending time at Panti Asuhan Nujumul Huda, with the intention to build relationships with the children and guardians, to learn from the beautiful soul and to share the few things that we know and have with them.

Besides our usual hands-on activities with the children consisting of colouring, art&crafts, ball games and henna painting, we will be refurbishing the living room which is in a run-down condition. We will be repainting the walls and providing learning materials such as whiteboards, stationeries, notebooks and educational posters.



I’m finally going to buckle down and write about the past two trips!

30 – 31 January 2016: Painting of 2 classrooms + carnival
22 May 2016: Carnival

(Photo credits: Aisyah Juferi & Nur Muhammad)


With the children of Panti Asuhan Riyadhus Shalihin, Jan 2016


With the children of Panti Asuhan Nujumul Huda, May 2016.

Every trip starts very early where we’d gather at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal and get acquainted. Most times, the team will consist of random souls who decided that this was a cause they’d like to support. I love it! It’s a chance for people to connect with others who have the same interests as them.

One of the first things we’d do upon arrival in Batam is to buy groceries for the homes. I would normally buy groceries for 2-3 homes, other than the one we’d be visiting, and drop them off along the way.

The list of things we’d buy would range from food to daily necessities, such as rice, eggs, sardines, toiletries and female necessities. The money to buy these items would have been donated by beautiful souls!


The last trip we made was right before Ramadhan. The home had requested for new Quran sets for the children, so we went to get those too!

We also make goodie bags for the children, filled with treats!


Carrying all the items and donations to the home!

The homes will then greet us very hospitably, with rounds of prayers and lunch!



The principals of the homes keep telling me that the children always look forward to the various activities they can take part in during the carnival. So each trip, we try to do something new and engaging for the children!



In the last trip, we went back to Panti Asuhan Riyadhus Salihin to hand over donations, and see updates of their renovation works. The last time I was there, I’d handed over some money for them to redo two of their classrooms which had collapsing roofs and broken tiles all over. I was so happy to see the rooms looking safe for use!



During our last trip, the kids brought us to explore the jetty right behind the orphanage.

Wow, it’s been pretty therapeutic going through the pictures and writing up this post. I’m definitely excited for the next trip happening in a couple of weeks, and I hope to meet more new people too!

Now, many of you beautiful souls have been asking me if there are opportunities to donate to the orphanage this time round. OF COURSE. xx

I’ve discussed with the home about their needs, and they are currently in need of support for their day to day and the children’s school expenses. We are hoping to raise $2000 for them to help their expenses for 3 months. If you’re interested to donate for this, or any items for our activities with the children (colour pencils, drawing blocks, art and craft materials, toys etc), please drop me a message at thetudungtraveller@gmail.com

I will also be having a Rainbow Bake Sale to raise funds for the orphanage as well!


(Please note that I will NOT be collecting clothes for this trip as it is not a current need.)



Lots of love,
Atikah Amalina

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