353. The one who doesn’t get enough credit.

I am who I am because of this one. The one whom I owe my growth and life. The one whom I cause great anxiety to whenever I travel solo or when I say I have no plans of getting married anytime soon. The one who despite anything will keep saying, “Takpe, Allah ada, Allah jaga.”* The one who has planted my roots strong yet has thrown me up for me to stretch my wings far and wide. The one who leads by example on how to love in both good and difficult moments, and to stay committed especially when it’s easiest to walk away. The one who reminds me that my service to others is what is demanded of me through the blessings I’ve been given. The one who has set me up to expect so much from myself and from the man who is brave enough to be my partner and live a life of adventures. The one who doesn’t get enough credit.


My father; Zaini Sardek.

Happy birthday, baba. I may no longer be the premature baby who’d fit the palm of your hand, but I will forever be your insane daughter. It’s okay that I’m still single – I get more time with you (& the family)! ❤️

*Takpe, Allah ada, Allah jaga = It’s okay. God will take care of you.

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