351. Meeting Lauren Booth

On my first night in Manchester, I was finally able to fast and do my taraweeh (special prayers in Ramadan). It was my first time fasting for 18 hours, and the taraweeh only started at around 11pm.

I was ready to pass out after taraweeh but hey ho, look who I bumped into!!!

13403932_10153704700422081_5226917248041825045_oSaw Lauren Booth and totally fan-girled. 😍

Lauren’s a journalist/tv presenter who helms several of her own shows and also happens to be Tony Blair’s sister-in-law and who’d embraced Islam not too long ago.

I was by the side when I overheard her conversation with another sister. She’d replied to the question of how her day went with a “It was hard, but tomorrow will be a better day, inshaAllah!” She said it with so much conviction that I couldn’t help but approach her (with 😍😍😍 eyes). Ah, I was absolutely enamoured by her faith.

When she found out I’m from Singapore, she’d asked how my Ramadan in UK has been. When I confessed that the long hours are a struggle, she’d said: “Well, think about this. That’s more hours in the day to do ibadah! More hours to read the Quran! Isn’t that wonderful? We can get to be closer to Allah.” I obviously got stunned because my sleepy brain got jolted awake and went, “HEY THAT’S RIGHT! Alhamdulillah!” I continued gushing about her work, and she’d smiled and replied simply with “Everything that I do is by and from Allah. When we do everything for Allah, He will make it easy.”

(Ok, brb. Going to a corner to cry. This woman is incredible, and it shows by how she constantly reminds others of Him)

When we hugged goodbye, she’d said a prayer for my family and me, and I cannot help but feel her genuine love and sincerity. Ah man, these are the kinds of people who restore my faith in humanity. ❤️

I’ll try to remember that Allah is kind and that there is benefit in everything. I hope your Ramadan is going well as well, and if not, I hope we’ll remember to try again and try better.



2 thoughts on “351. Meeting Lauren Booth

  1. Salaam sister or Assalamu’alaikum,
    I did not know that Tony Blair has a sister-in-law that converts to Islam. She seems amazing and what an inspiring thing to say.
    Nice to know you 🙂

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