343. Ramadhan – A Personal Quest

A couple of days ago, I had the opportunity to be a part of a panel for a forum held in preparation for Ramadhan.

13317067_10153678216622081_6546376945812796342_oOne of the things I’d confessed during the Confessions session for #MYForum was how I take the opportunity to confront with my personal demons during Ramadhan. It’s based on the realisation that plenty of the struggles that I face on a daily basis – from negative thoughts to envy to pride to laziness to impatience – are all ME and not due to the whispers of shaytaan (because hey, they’re tied up during the month) and learning to manage and progress to be a better person.

One of the things I’d learnt was to not compete for how others choose to deal with growth. We will all have our own growth trajectories, and our personal goals need to be accepting of our current standing and circumstances. It isn’t about being better than the next person. It’s about taking the day to day in small measures and being better than the person we were yesterday. It’s about being real with our challenges and struggles, and striving to be the best we can be. Allah is kind. Ramadhan is a beautiful gift and opportunity for recentering and refocusing on His mercy and love.

My personal goal is to fix myself through mending my relationship with the Quran, and to be of greater blessings to my loved ones. Whatever your goal is, I hope you’ll persevere to achieve them.

13327343_10153693669632081_6699957701823928097_nIt’s a month of heigtened awareness of His presence and intense self-reflection and self-management, paired up with meaningful relationships that share common aims of maximising Ramadhan and are answers to multiple prayers.

I hope we all strive to grab all the blessings of Ramadhan and be a blessing to each other. May this Ramadhan be a time for us to fix ourselves, to enhance our relationship with God, the Quran and our loved ones, to be more gracious and giving to others who are struggling (especially those experiencing war) and appreciate the endless blessings around us.

Ramadhan Mubarak. ❤️

Lots of love,


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