342. Rainbows for Batam 2016

So excited to be heading off to Rainbows for Batam May 2016 edition tomorrow!

I keep telling myself that I’d write about the last trip in January, but gah, unfortunately, that has not materialised.

But just since I’m so excited for tomorrow (yay to old & new participants coming along!), here are some photos from the last trip! We’d visited Panti Asuhan Riyadhus Shalihin, with the intention to build relationships with the children and guardians, to learn from the beautiful soul and to share the few things that we know and have with them.

Besides our usual hands-on activities with the children consisting of colourimg, art&crafts, ball games and henna painting, we refurbished 2 classrooms, both of which were in severely run-down conditions. We repainted the walls and provided earning materials such as whiteboards, stationeries, notebooks and educational posters (donated by Cak Cak Kutti!).


Shopping at the local wholesale market

IMG_9425 IMG_9423 IMG_9422  IMG_9417 IMG_9415 IMG_9396 IMG_9385 IMG_9382 IMG_9376   Opening Greeting by the childrenIMG_9471IMG_9451IMG_9452Interaction with the Children

IMG_9616  IMG_9609 IMG_9606 IMG_9598 IMG_9592 IMG_9584 IMG_9580 IMG_9578 IMG_9577 IMG_9574 IMG_9569 IMG_9564 IMG_9554 IMG_9544 IMG_9543 IMG_9523  IMG_9497 IMG_9496 IMG_9488 IMG_9487  IMG_9482 IMG_9479

Inside a refurbished classroom!


Photo Credits to the beautiful Aisyah Juferi! ❤

Lots of love,


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