332. Here to stay with love.

It has been raised to my attention by some lovely souls that there are fellow accounts on Instagram that closely imitates or follows ‪#‎tudungtravels‬ and takes my writings. Contrary to being upset, I am humbled and quite pleased by this, especially since I started #tudungtravels not only as a means to document my journey of healing and growth all around the world, but also to be the voice of hope, of kindness, and of strength; to be the one that quietly says, “Try again. Rise, and rise again.” To know of other souls taking up this torch means I have done my work well. We may all be blessed in different ways, and the way we uphold His blessings and carry His torch on Earth is unique, but blessed we all are, all the same.

Y’know, it’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison, and feeling less or more than another person. That’s the door through which despair and arrogance can enter.

A teacher once said to his student, “Do not carry the hadith of Shaytan!” The student asked, “How?” He answered, “When you hang out with others, if you say to yourself, ‘I am better than him. I am better than her'” Comparison that leads to anything other than a desire to make ourself a better khalifah to Allah is futile and destructive. Feeling less means we are questioning His abundance and mercy. A person cannot be considered to be fully a believer until he loves for others what he loves for himself. Let’s all train our hearts to always be happy for and think good of others. I’ve learnt that strong people don’t tear other people down – they raise others up.

If you are in need of help or someone to bounce ideas with, please do not hesitate to drop me a love note. I’m in the education business – I’m here to make you the best version of you. I promise I wont bite. I’m actually very nice y’know. 🙈 I may take a while to reply emails and messages because I often reply in my head but not actually do it, but inshaAllah I will reply! May we continue to use our blessings to serve Allah and fellow humans in the best way possible, and help each other up along the way. May He protect our hearts.

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