325. The Boarding Pass

In late May this year, I received a treat in my email inbox.

I remember running to my brothers’ room and trying not to freak out (I think they’ve seen me freak out way too often this year), and my brother’s calm response: That’s great, kak. So what are you going to reply?

I didn’t reply immediately, no matter how impetuous that I am.

I told my brother,Ok, I’m going to say I’d do it. But I need to think about what I’d speak about.”

I’d received an invitation to speak on 938Live’s The Boarding Pass, helmed by the lovely Daphne Lim.

I found out that I could speak about whichever of my travels. It only felt apt that I shared a bit of my soul on air.

Y’know, I started this blog primarily as a documentation, and also to share my journey of healing and growth as I travelled through His lands. I wanted others to know that whatever they are going through are valid, that they are not alone, and to allow themselves grace while struggling.

So I shared on radio one of the places I left a fraction of my heart at – Andalucia.

Alhambra-Spain-HD-wallpapersAndalucia was where I found my faith again after losing myself in a bad breakup, and will always be a special place to me.

Taking the time before the show to sit down, read back on my own journey, and reflect upon whatever has happened over the past two years have made me realise how everything that has happened since have all been answers to my prayers.

The interview took place on the 6th of August, and I was from my school’s National Day Celebration. (Since I am forever a Malay at heart, I’d worn a red baju kurung to the interview.)

I remember sitting across Daphne as she did her magic, only to realise: THIS IS THE VOICE I ALWAYS HEAR ON RADIO. I don’t normally get starstruck, but woah.

Okay, I definitely had moments when I’m insecure of my nasal-sounding voice, but sitting across her made me feel like I had no place being on radio.

But of course, I still had to play it cool. Despite being utterly nervous. And thinking how I’m going to sound really off on radio. And praying that I won’t get a brainfart on air.

Being on live radio isn’t easy. 

Daphne’s warm presence and her insistence on treating it like a normal chat helped loosened my nerves (slightly) and hey, when I started talking about Andalucia, I couldn’t stop!

There was so much to say about this understated gem, too often completely overlooked by anyone heading to Europe.

I spoke of the Granada’s Alhambra, Cordoba’s Mezquita-Cathedral, and Andalucia’s rich history that included being the site of a powerful and illustrious Islamic civilisation, amongst others.

I felt like that was what I needed to do, that was my mission then – to introduce Andalucia into the psyches of more people.

And I hope I’d succeeded, in one way or another.

Thank you Daphne for inviting me to be on the show. I appreciate it.

More of my Andalucian adventures can be read at this link: https://thetudungtraveller.com/travel-adventures/seeking-spain/

Warm Hugs,


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