321. Travel Talks over Teh

My dear, it’s not what they take away from you that matters. It’s what you do with what you have left.

“Here I am, entirely alone and under Your mercy. Guide me as You will and protect me as only You can. I am open to whatever You have planned for me so lead me. Verily, You are the best mender of broken hearts and souls, and You are the best of planners.”

I started purposeful travel when I was in a place of darkness, and have continued to challenge myself to face my demons and embrace my light on every (solo) trip. Solo trips isn’t for everyone, but purposeful travel is.

Come sit down with Noor Iskandar and me this weekend over teh at Hikmah Arts, as we share about our travels and how to go beyond the superficial of merely adding places to our “Been There” list. Like the title of this blog: It’s not about the where and the what, it’s the how and the why.

It’s a free event, but tickets must be taken because of limited spaces!

See you there, inshaAllah, and Salam Maal Hijrah! May Allah always hold us in His light and never leave us to our own affairs. ❤

Warm Hugs,


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