318. Book Donation Drive for Syrian Children Refugees.


We read to know we’re not alone. We read to empower ourselves, to take us beyond the confines of the every day, and to take heart in the human experience.

Reading is a gift, and literacy is a blessing.


ASRIT(Aid to Syrian Refugees in Turkey) is carrying out a book donation drive where we’re looking for books in mint condition, and especially for English starter books for kindergarten and early primary level. Ee are collecting books to help improve the literacy level of the Syrian refugee children at the Temasek Education Centre in Kilis, Turkey. This school was built with the help of Singapore donors and is run by volunteer teachers from Turkey and Syria. The school currently lacks a library and we plan to help furnish the library with books donated from Singapore.

Come over (bring your children if you have any!), patronise the various fringe booths (there’re going to be cakes, sand art, photobooth etc), donate some books, and you can even make bookmarks for the books and the children refugees currently in Turkey!

Our representatives will be heading to Turkey to hand over the books personally, build a resource library so the children can empower themselves, and to conduct educational programmes for them, inshaAllah.

We seek your help so that these beautiful children may be able to continue their education despite the challenges faced.

This is something very, very close to my heart, and one which I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to help out with. If you’d missed the last Rainbow Bake Sale  (click on link for photos) where some beautiful bakers and I worked together to raise funds for the Rohingya and orphan Syrian refugees, this is another chance for you to be of blessing to others! Better yet, it involves education and empowerment in the mix!

I look forward to seeing you at the donation drive! Have a beautiful week ahead darlings!

Warm Hugs,

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