317. Eid Mubarak!

12042641_812629825524793_12446510394751922_nI hope it’s not too late to wish everyone a wonderful Eid! ❤

aa93b583e16e359b1e6c1c725043692dIn the spirit of Eid, when we are taught to evaluate our attachments and relationship with Allah, let’s choose one area of improvement to work on. Mine is to truly learn to let go and let God. It is especially challenging as having control used to be such an important thing to me personally. I know it applies to many of us. When we pray, we hope that Allah gives us what we want. Rarely do we ask for what Allah knows is best for us. I mean, what if that is something we don’t like, right?

I feel you. Yet one of the most poignant reminders is the istikharah. There are two parts to the istikharah prayer, one of which where we pray: “if the matter is good for me, my family and my religion, make it happen and make it easy”. But it’s the second part that’s a bit more gut-wrenching: “If the matter is not good for me, my family and my religion, take me away from it, replace it with something better, and make me be pleased with it.” That is true surrender. That is acknowledging that whatever knowledge we have is limited. That is letting Him take over the driver seat and bring us to wherever He knows is best.

Many of us fail to realise that things like patience, kindness, and humility are all works in progress. They aren’t something we can magically pluck out of thin air; they are what we train ourselves to do. They require practice, effort and consistency. We make ourselves do it. We need to nurture it.

Which is why challenges, detours and curveballs are always blessings in disguise. It is the perfect training ground. Have faith that whenever something happens that throws us off our original plan, He is teaching us. Lessons vary, and sometimes they hurt. Let us not beat ourselves up when we falter. It is okay to feel overwhelmed or upset. It is a perfectly valid feeling. The tragedy is when we refuse to move and live in the rut. Acknowledge, feel and accept whatever emotions that come, then choose to keep moving forward. It can even be a case of taking two steps forward and one step back. Realise that the best way to handle our current situation is to work with what we have right now and to be kind to ourselves.

“Bila apa yang kita kerjakan tak dihargai, yakinlah kita sedang belajar erti keikhlasan.”

We’re all works-in-progress, and that’s okay. We just have to keep doing our best and trusting that He will do the rest. May He keep our hearts soft, heal our broken relationships, and take away the ill-feelings we have within us for ourselves and others. What will be, will be.

Eid Mubarak!

Lots of love,IMG_0050


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