316. Beauty after pain.

The moment calamity strikes, we so very often get caught up in it and refuse to look beyond. We fail to remember that whatever happens is always for the good of the believer.

Trust me, it happens to me often, and I struggle to keep my head up.

IMG_3475The beginning of the trip to Pulau Perhentian was particularly hard for me, partly because I was struggling through a phase and grieving, and also because this is the first time I’m not staying in a shared dorm on a solo trip. I couldn’t sleep in the chalet room too large for me, and the fact that I’m right smack in a jungle doesn’t really allay my overactive imagination. I got hurt pretty badly on my first day so much so that I had to cancel plans to snorkel or dive because I scream bloody murder in pain whenever the wound, despite already being bandaged, gets in touch with water.


I had pretty much everything in for an unpleasant trip. But by His mercy, He moved my heart to explore the island despite the pain. Feel the pain and move on, right? On the second day, after trekking to the other beach on the island, I’d stumbled upon two guys who chatted with me and told me about their snorkelling trip the following day. A group of girls were due to follow as well, so they invited me along.

I went on the snorkelling trip pretty apprehensive (because hey what if they totally ignore me?), but by God, it was the best thing to have happened.

11921722_10153152125382081_5481067732001671082_oThese beautiful girls from University of East Malaysia immediately embraced me into their group and we proceeded to have an amazing time! From snorkeling around Pulau Rawa and a few other sites to doing crazy dares like jetty jumping and having yummy meals at local villages, what was supposed to be a three hour trip turned to be a whole day event where the guides just took us everywhere without charging – cos we’re fun like that.

This beautiful encounter was definitely the highlight of my trip, which had its fair share of difficulties and challenges. Yet I can strongly assert that should I not have experienced pain and hardships prior to it, never would I have been able to truly taste the extent of the sweetness of this act of Mercy.

I guess when we look at everything, both blessing and trial, as an opportunity to grow and develop, then we allow ourselves to endure and seek His mercy. We begin to understand that His plan is intact and proceeds with precision, and that we are in the best position to face things as they are. We strive to internalise that whatever happens is an answer to our prayers, and it is all to our benefit – even if and especially when it contradicts what we think is best for us.

What is our knowledge if compared to His knowledge & wisdom? ❤️

Warm Hugs,


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