313. Dear Future Me,

This time last year, I had my students write a letter to their Sept 2015 selves. I kept the letters, promising to keep them unopened and to give back a year later. I returned the letters this morning, and saw a myriad of reactions.


“Miss Atikah, I can’t believe I was this angsty last year!”
“Wow, so much has changed since I wrote this!”
“This person doesn’t exist in my life anymore.”

We so often like to write letters to our past selves, under the pretext of being wiser. Perhaps it’s time to start writing letters to our future selves, and to read it later, to put things into perspective.

Perhaps only then will we realise that whatever we have right now is temporary. Whatever struggles, joys, heartbreaks, possessions – these too, shall pass.

So may we remember to live life the best way we can at every opportunity we get, and to appreciate that we are all works-in-progress. We change, as everyone does, and that’s not such a bad thing.

And should one day we only remain a memory to some, may we be good memories – memories that induce smiles and not regret.

This time, last year.

This time, last year. My oh my, look how far we’ve come.

One thought on “313. Dear Future Me,

  1. This is so cute.
    And such a coincidence because I actually wrote a letter for myself that I’ll be publishing tomorrow too – because I start a new job soon and thought I could do with some advice in case I get stuck in the future!

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