311. 3 Habits for Excellence – Success through the Eyes of Mercy (ST24)

I truly do believe that excellence is a habit, not something accidental. So much so that I always love finding out the daily habits of successful people that they believe are foundational to their stories.

Safinah Talk

I asked the question to the panel of speakers at Safinah Talks 24: Success through the Eyes of Mercy, and couldn’t be more heartened at their replies.


Here’s what they shared, and some additional inputs from me! 🙂


1) Forming a habit for reflection  
Take time at the beginning and end of each day to pause and look back at what have happened – both the struggles and high points. It’s only through an active consideration of these incidents that we are able to deconstruct and take the lessons each has to offer. Reflection allows us to gain wisdom, and grounds us to the temporary and consequential nature of many things. It also helps us to connect the dots and often leads to many Aha! moments. I agree with this, and have really seen the impact this habit has on my thought process. I make it a point to always have a journal with me to write my reflections, or if I feel particularly tired, I journal using my phone. There are several journalling apps that can be downloaded – find one that fits you!
2) Prioritising solat
Crafting and managing our day around the 5 daily prayers, instead of fitting the prayers into the day, moulds our attitude and realigns our priorities. After all, a call to prayer is a call to success.(Haiya ‘Alas-salah; Haiya ‘Alal-falah – Hasten to prayer; hasten to success) It also works to increase the barakah and blessings in our life, inshaAllah. Personally, whenever I need to make a decision, I keep reminding myself: Put Allah first. You’re not going to lose out if you put Allah first. When we have the right things in their rightful places, things will work in our favour.
3) Keeping an attitude of excellence

In everything that we do, do it to the very best of our abilities. Strive to carry out our responsibilities in such a way that we get to sleep well at night, knowing that nothing more can be done to make it better. It doesn’t matter if we have an audience or not – we owe it to ourselves and to God to always take pride in our work and abilities to give it our best shot. Decide that we should carry out our duties to Allah as if we are seeing Him and even if we cannot see Him, know that truly He sees us. Nobody benefits from mediocrity.

Excellence is aftar all an obligation, not a choice, for the Muslim. We are all imbued with a certain set of blessings and abilities. It is a duty to use all of them mindfully and purposefully to serve – to serve Him, to serve ourselves, and to serve others. We are vessels, filled with His love and mercy, and carry the torch as His khalifahs. There is no pride in remaining mediocre and wasting away everything that has been gifted to us.

Thank you Safinah Institute for inviting me to attend the talk. It was such an imaan booster and a reaffirmation of the things I’ve been holding on dearly since Ilmfest (of which I have yet to write on, yikes).

These reminders were so timely for me, and I hope these serve to help those of you who are seeking as well. I know it’s a challenging time for many, but hey, know that you’re not alone. ️

Warm Hugs,

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