304. 3 key things I’ve learnt since Graduation

Graduation season is here again and I’m so happy to see my newsfeed being filled with faces of joy and pride! It’s been a year since my very own commencement and here are three things I’ve learnt about post-grad life:

1) We are all warriors within our own right.

Everyone’s fighting their own battles, and the hardest ones are those nobody knows of. Life is just a series of recovery. Every person we meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something. So it’s on us to be kind – to ourselves and to others. And if we can’t be kind, try not to be a bitch.

2) Nobody’s going to take care of you if you don’t take care of yourself.

No matter your closest family members or friends, not everyone is going to be there every step of the way. We’ll need to learn to manage expectations, accept that nobody is perfect, and that the best person we can ever depend on is Him. Everyone else will disappoint us at some point, and we will disappoint them. It’s never really intentional – we’re just being the imperfect beings that we are.

3) Money is a big deal.

It can make or break relationships, and can lead us to either be amongst the thankful or the constantly complaining. Our perception of what we have, and if we choose to see scarcity or abundance, are going to influence the way we carry ourselves and the way we spend our money.

So congratulations to everyone who has graduated and Godspeed to all who are still trying to find your way through post-graduation. May we serve our loved ones and the ummah to the best of our ability and uphold the amanah blessed upon us well. May we always remember to be kind to ourselves as well.

P.s. You’re going to miss school. A lot. A whole lot.

P.p.s I wrote about my commencement and undergraduate journey a year ago, at this link. It’s amazing how the things I’d reflected on are still so relevant today.

Lots of love,


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