299. Rainbow Bake Sale 2015 – updates & photos

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same — with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.” – Mother Teresa

11011781_10155682266585085_1976186520364640100_nMother Theresa’s is one of the quotes I hold strongly to whenever I organise events related to charity. It’s so important to do all things with love, because only through the heart can we find meaning in the things we do with our hands. I’m not a big fan of watching the news, especially when it’s so heavily laden with crisis, war and destruction, but I’ve learnt that instead of asking ‘Why’ and be left feeling helpless, I could ask ‘What can I do about this’ instead. I have also learnt that I enjoy putting together people of the same passion together and see magic happens. Y’know, it’s truly amazing what can happen when people collaborate and support each other to be better than they already are! So when the opportunity presented itself to combine many different facets of the things I love together for a cause greater than myself, I leapt on it! DSC_0052It eventually led to the third installment of the Rainbow Bake Sale, where on the 30th of May 2015, a group of bakers came together under one roof for a beautiful cause. CSC_0140The idea was actually by the good people of Wilder Cafe! The owner, Azurah, approached me and volunteered their time and venue for the donation drive I was carrying out. MashaAllah, faith in humanity restored!


Wilder is located at 749 North Bridge Road, at the very corner!

Despite my excitement and jubilation, I realised I didn’t really have much time to play with since I was due to fly off to South Korea in less than a month! I was keen to have it done before Ramadhan (and the new school term) starts, just so that I wouldn’t be running around like a headless chicken, it happens y’know :P,  but heck, when a challenge like that crops up – challenge accepted! The bake sale was planned and executed within 3 weeks, a feat I could not imagine possible without His help and the amazing people I know in my life. 11052407_10155682267550085_4036411865521540260_nAnd when I say amazing people, I mean it.


The team – Wilder Cafe team, the bakers, and my righthand men & women. ❤

DSC_0036I reached out to some of my favourite bakers whom I knew would be interested in the cause, and voila, 8 bakers extended their hearts, hands and ovens to raise funds for the Orphan Syrian Refugees in Jordan and the Rohingya Refugees in Aceh!

DSC_0085The bakers are:

All proceeds from the bake sale went directly to the cause! Yes, ALL. None of us took any parts of it. Such are the beautiful people I have the blessing to call my friends on Earth. DSC_0044Of course, the bake sale wouldn’t have been a success without the customers as well, so a huge THANK YOU and lots of warm hugs to every one who came to support the cause! 11351274_10155682268800085_2567301830348358258_n 11392928_10155682269710085_4470447128979687666_n 17662_10155682270075085_1531359764387365196_n 1554372_10155682270205085_1011602496905788231_n 11258718_10155682272060085_2452269490903830225_nDSC_0065 DSC_0070 11229291_10155682267035085_4247405441812380422_n 11212147_10155682266735085_1782732879633943105_o 11391145_10155682267185085_423152356609533869_n 11390005_10155682268420085_1363238777361435971_nWe raised $2700 for the cause, alhamdulillah!

The funds have been channelled to two organisations: $1300 to Majulah! for their Project Peduli for the Rohingya refugees in Aceh, and $1400 to SIRAJ (Singapore Students Association in Jordan) for the Orphan Syrian refugees in Jordan. These organisations have been specially chosen because of their reliability and direct impact on the target group. I personally liaise with them and know some on a personal level. 🙂

Project Peduli by Majulah! 11041661_483002701854348_3504821195555656354_nThe team has gone on several missions to the refugee camps in Aceh, and are working on long-term solutions for the refugees. They are working on providing basic needs and preventing the start and spread of diseases. These are some of the things there are targeting on:

1. Well-borring for sustainable water supply.
2. Water filtration system clean drinking water.
3. Hygiene education for better practices.
4. Improve Toilet-people ratio.
5. Medical assessment to monitor health conditions

Here’s a video of their project!

You can keep updated about their project through their Facebook page: Majulah Facebook page

Ramadhan Iftaar Project by SIRAJ I

n collaboration with Ma’an Nabni Organisation, SIRAJ is now working on donations for Ifthaar (break fast) meal for the Syrian Refugees- project. 10155602_1566488393614491_2311825580821922234_nFor further enquiries, please contact any of the numbers stated in the poster, or you may send direct message through their SIRAJ facebook page

They are also collecting donations for the needy Syrians and to furnish Shelters and Madrasah for the Ophaned Muslim Refugees. 🙂

May Allah accept all our deeds and bless us with His love and mercy, and give us the ability to keep giving and receiving with open hearts.

A huge thank you too to my righthand people who are constantly lending me their hearts, hands and support in everything that I do. 11390219_10153366629113735_1195744080854616331_n11267853_10152944077757081_1216891604693928892_oI’ve been told that I’ll be surprised to see who turns up (& who doesn’t) in times of need and meaning. I had my fair share of surprises, but I’m sure glad that these people have been my constant thus far. From texting way early on, “I’ll be there early to help! What do you need help with?” to silently going around and ensuring that things are managed and in place while I try not to get too overwhelmed, thank you. 

*Images of the bake sale by Syafiq & Syafiq (syafiq.bonjour@gmail.com) and personal Instagram, and posters by Majulah! and SIRAJ.

Lots of love,


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