279. Foodie Adventure in Hong Kong

I don’t normally write about the food on my travels but oh well, I guess there’s a first time for everything! I’m not the biggest fan of Hong Kong (more on this later) so I guess this shall be my tribute to my latest adventure – yummy food was one of the saving graces of the trip.

So here’s a list of the food I had while in Hong Kong – grouped geographically – especially for you who have been asking me via Instagram and email! I did little to no research prior to the trip, so most of the foodie finds were either recommended by locals or were accidental finds! πŸ™‚ xx

Kowloon City

For the first few days, I was staying in Kowloon City with a friend, in a pretty little apartment found on Airbnb. I loved it, not only because there were so many good food place around, but it was comparatively calmer and saved my sanity.

This is slightly further from the main tourist spots though (they usually congregate on Hong Kong Island itself) so it may require a trip out. There are frequent bus services to the area though!

My favourite eatery was Islam Food (yes, that’s the name), and my host was the one who recommended it to us! SO. GOOD. We kept going back and even packed food back for late night munchies.

Islam Food: 33-35 Tak Ku Ling Road, Kowloon City
Website: http://www.islamfood.com.hk

The wanton soup, beef brisket and veal goulash were my favourites!

Everything else we had around the area were desserts – not that I’m complaining. πŸ˜›

Smile Yogurt: 65 Lion Rock Road, Kowloon City
Website: http://www.smile-yogurt.com

Had this Mango Fever after an extremely long day of walking about and getting lost – WIN. So refreshing with fresh mangoes to boot!

There were lots of other stuff on the menu, like Banana Split, Chocolote Lover, Smile Coffee and the works. They’ve got outlets in Harbour City, Tsim Sa Tsui and Causeway Bay too!

Yee Heung Tofu: 74 Nga Tsin Long Road, Kowloon City

We found out about this little gem from a little note our host prepared for us and being absolutely nuts about beancurd (ie tauhuay), I knew I NEEDED to try it! Apparently it’s the worst-kept secret of Kowloon City, and for good reasons!

The beancurd was so silky and creamy, plus you can add orange (?) sugar to it! Who would have thought?

And yes, I mash up the beancurd while eating it, instead of the normal way of eating it daintily. I’ve been told the way I eat tauhuay is as turbulent as my thoughts, but whatever. HAHA

Don’t expect good service here though!

Cafe Ceres: 19 Fuk Lo Tsun Road, Kowloon City

This cafe was located right below our apartment so of course we had to try!

Nothing special about the waffles though. I still love me Cremier in Toa Payoh! πŸ˜›


This particular food update on Instagram got so many people excited so here goes!

Churros d’amour by Dorian: 43 Dundas Street, Mongkok (In other words, along Ladies Market)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/hk.frenchdessert

Diy and I stumbled upon this place by accident!

I was keen to get away from the crowd in Ladies Market so we snuck to the side corridor (?), and behold, the beauty that was nutella-filled churros (and its owner)! The two ice-cream dips on the side were a bonus!

The last time I had churros this good was in Barcelona!

And erm, if you want to know why we said the owner was yummy too, go and like its Facebook page! πŸ˜›

Causeway Bay/Wanchai

Diy and I explored this area for a bit, then I shifted to a backpackers hostel in Causeway Bay after Diy left for home, so I managed to explore more.

I guess a no-brainer here was the canteen at the Islamic Centre.

Masjid Ammar: 40 Oi Kwan Road, Wanchai

Note: Visit this place EARLY, when they’ve just made the dumplings in the morning. We arrived in the mid-afternoon, and the selection was limited and the dumplings were quite mehhh.

Special shout-out to Shakina, whom we met here! A fellow Singaporean who has relocated to HK with her husband, she was such a darling – chatted warmly with us and even paid for our meal! Thank you so much! Always love meeting awesome people on trips. ❀

Wai Kee Peking Duck/Curry Rice Stall: Shop 5, 1/F, 2/F Bowrington Road Market, 21 Bowrington Road, Wan Chai

This stall is located in Bowrington Road Market in the Cooked Food Section. Awesome duck rice with lamb curry. ‘Nuff said.

TeaWood Taiwanese Cafe & Restaurant: Multiple locations
Website: http://www.teawood.hk/

The only reason I found out about this baby was because my friend, Carl, a local HongKong-er, recommended the place for our StartUp Mauritius reunion!

This beauty consisted of: (super thick) toast, ice-cream, fresh fruits, cream, syrup, tons of magic.

The pearl milk tea and fresh fruits mix drink were really good too!

Always good to know locals. πŸ˜›

Hui Lau Shan: Multiple Locations
Website: http://www.hkhls.com/

I was actually rushing to find a place to calm down, away from the crazy crowd, when I found this! Apparently, it’s very famous for its mango desserts, so I just had to try!

Mangoes overload: fresh mango juice, mango ice-cream, lush mango cubes and chewy rice balls.

They also have drinks you can have to-go too, so I’d say this is a must-try too!

Photo credits: tarts-and-pies.blogspot.com


Just because I live on desserts.

Agnes B Cafe: Multiple locations

Right, that’s pretty much it!

Hope this list is useful for all of you who are looking for (halal) food options in Hong Kong! Feel free to share this with friends, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… the works!

Much love,


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