277. Back!

Prior to the start of my practicum journey, I had the grandiose intention of keeping the blog on at least a weekly basis. I also entertained the thought of having a semblance of a work-life balance (a highly contentious term, even in my books).

Ah, what a joke. It was far from viable. But as what my dearest friends would say to me (in Malay), “Takpe, niat tu ada” (It’s okay, at least you had the intention.)

It feels good to finally be able to sit down and write away – about anything and nothing in particular. I’ve missed the feeling of typing away, unconscious of time and space.

IMG_2184Is it not ironic that the time I finally get to sit down and write is when I’m in the airport, at the cusp of my next travel adventure?

I’m looking forward to many things, but mostly, to feel alive once again. To feel my soul and being pulsating with energy and vibrance.

Ah yes, it feels good to be back.

Lots of love,


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