276. Grab the rope.

You are not the circumstances you find yourself in; you are how you react within those circumstances.

IMG_8181.JPGI had the above quote, written large and clear, on my work desk and placed right in front of me, throughout the past ten weeks.

To say that I had to go through an very steep learning curve would be a pathetic understatement. I entered the ten week with close to no experience to teaching in a secondary school – I did all my internship stints in a primary school, and I had no contract teaching experience. Plus I had to teach English Literature – a subject I last did in Secondary 2. I was leaping into the entire thing blind, and I knew I had to keep the faith.

Keep the faith and learn on the job. Fast.

Stare up the intimidating climb, grab the rope to head up, and give it my best shot.

Over the past ten weeks I was stretched beyond my limits, had my faith in myself, the system, and life in general, tested to its core, learnt so much in and beyond the classroom, and began to be introduced into a system I was to be acquainted with for the next few years of my life. I have so much to reflect about the experience but I’m at a point where all I can think of is sleep and recuperation. And food.

This is probably as incoherent as it can get.

Oh well, I guess at the end of it all, what I’ve got to say to myself is this:
I’m glad I’m able to look at myself in the mirror and still be proud of the person looking back at me. I can sleep peacefully at night knowing I’ve given my best under all the different circumstances I found myself in, and that, that is enough.

I’ve also got to be absolutely grateful to God for helping me pull through this experience – for I am fully aware that the only reason I managed to get most things done was because God’s grace is in abundance – and for putting beautiful people into my path to guide and push me through. To the two special people who have been my rock throughout the ten weeks, thank you very much. To everyone else who have helped me through this journey, thank you too. May Allah bless you endlessly!

Alrighty then, phasing out Miss Atikah, and bringing back Atikah Amalina – the dreamer, the believer, the traveller, the one with lots of love to give. 💗

Lots of love,


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