270. Chester – A walled city

I’m leaving for Mauritius in a few hours, but like all the past times I’ve travelled, sleep the night before is tricky.

So here I am, bringing some form of closure to my short story in Chester.

One of the most unusual landmarks in Chester is the city walls, with the walls encircling the bounds of the medieval city being the most complete in Britain. The full circuit measures nearly 3km and I’m glad to say, I walked the entire way.

What I really enjoyed about the leisurely walk along the city walls?

Seeing the different personalities Chester has to offer.

I started out near the River Dee,

and came across a carnival!

It looked like so much fun, but I couldn’t find a way out of the city walls to head over. 😦 I remember it having some really cool stalls, none of which is available in the local funfair, mehh.

I walked a bit more and came across an old Roman fort.

I stumbled upon the beautiful massive Chester racecourse.

It reminded me of pictures of Race Days I saw in the Australian magazines my mum likes to read, of women wearing huge hats and beautiful dresses, like this:


I walked above what used to be a busy waterway, but is now a busy road.

I saw residential houses, and the people of Chester going about their daily lives – collecting laundry, having barbeques in the park…

But one of the best things I came across?

A music festival!

These boys reminded me of my brother.

I could totally hang out at one of those balconies!

Can you imagine me, standing on the city walls, just hanging out and crashing the party? πŸ˜›

It was spring, so flowers were blooming. Absolutely stunning, mashaAllah.

I adored Chester. It may not be the typical town to visit while in the UK, but I guess it’s beauty and charm lies in its sidelined nature. I risk sounding airy fairy here but pardon me – Chester feels authentic, untouched even. It’s lack of diversity, for one, made me feel like I was truly in an English town. Of course, I felt like an alien walking around, but that’s a story for another time.

I felt disconnected during my time in Chester, but that merely increased my awareness of self.

I have a feeling my time in Mauritius might be similar to while in Chester, but we’ll see. I’ll share more about what I’ll be doing in Mauritius soon, inshaAllah. Keep a lookout for updates and come back for more! πŸ™‚

Lots of love,


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