269. Chester – Roman Remains

Im supposed to be packing for Mauritius now, but the pull to write more about Chester is irresistible! Hey, why not, since I’ve gotten my mojo back, right?

So let me continue my story in Chester.

What I vividly recall about Chester, apart from its black-and-white architecture, is the strong presence of Roman history. If you really think about it, much of Britain (and other parts of the world) has Roman history in its soil, but of all the places I’ve been to, Chester takes the plate for retaining (and displaying) Roman remains, with Bath coming a close second.

The most important Roman feature in Chester is the amphitheatre just outside the city walls.

It is the largest and most elaborate amphitheater in Britain, a place for wild-beast hunts, public executions and gladiators.

Every time I think of gladiator, this comes to mind:

Gladiator-movies-15324569-1280-800Hehe. True, right?!

What fascinated me as I was exploring the amphitheater was this: the fact that the city’s planning was made around the amphitheater. I guess I’m so used to seeing things torn down to make way for other conveniences (hello there, Singapore), that to see the roads and buildings built in a way which accommodated the complex, made me realise how things just work differently in different places.

Old and new coexists harmoniously, and the clockwork keeps moving.

Right next to the amphitheater, Roman artefacts are on display in the Roman Gardens. The gardens run parallel to the city walls from Newgate to the River Dee.

Now can you possibly imagine how happy this little history geek was while in Chester? I was just imagining stories and scenes of old days past in my head! 🙂

Lots of love,



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