268. Shahadah.

1798713_10152166049632081_4503816734022475431_n“I testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

Yesterday I had the blessed opportunity to witness my first ever reversion ceremony. I didn’t know what to expect for the experience, despite having quite a handful of beautiful reverts as my dearest friends.

To say that it was emotional would be an understatement. The power of words, filled with its imbued meaning and consequence, displayed its might during those moments as a new sister in faith proclaimed the shahadah. The room was so still, so ready, as we all listened to her make the oath. Tears of joy were aplenty when the deed was done.

To say that I am so very happy for her would be unnecessary, for what other emotions can there be for such a joyous occasion?

I have such a profound respect for reverts. Being a born Muslim, it is so easy to forget the immense blessing that is to be a Muslim. It feels like a right, a given. To witness, to understand, and to learn about the different journeys to faith my dearest friends had to go through before finally coming to the Truth, is extremely humbling. I have so much to write about this, to be very honest, but I shall keep it to a time when I’m slightly less emotional. 🙂

This is truly just the beginning. There are going to be good times, and then there are going to be trying times. To my dearest Richell , congratulations on making such a great decision. May Allah keep you close, shower you with His blessings and mercy, and may you always have the patience and strength to understand that whatever befalls you is through His love and limitless wisdom. Please remember that support is abound around you, and that all you need is ask.

Lots of love,


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