259. I don’t like logic.

dreamer-hipster-lights-lovely-photography-Favim.com-281345“I dont like logic. I’m not logical.”

“Why not?”

“Because, what’s the point? Some things just dont make sense.”

“So you’d rather live believing in…?”

“Love. Faith. Beauty. Grace. Magic. In the unknown. Because, some things just dont make sense.

You can say there are perfectly sound reasons why the sky is blue, why skyscrapers are able to stand strong, why seasons change. But how do you explain falling in love, parents who abuse and abandon their children, or why I love chocolate so much? You can try, but will it matter? It doesn’t.”

“You’re delusional.”

“I might be. But I’m alive. After everything that has happened, I’m still alive and giving this whole thing called life my best shot. I think I’ll take heart in that for now.”

(13 April 2014, 4.15am, home.)

It’s good to be writing again.

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Lots of love,

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