253. The human heart.

It’s amazing what the human heart is capable of. Loving not only the self or fellow humans, but also animals and inanimate objects. We know nothing really lasts but we love anyway. We love hard, we invest, we devote. And yet, in the end, there’ll always be the tinge of regret of not being able to hold on for longer, the sense of desperation of needing to find a way to be okay again. How amazing is it that humans are so able to love another without cause, reason nor expectation?

sunsetI wrote these series of thoughts a few days ago after my tutor inundated the class with a story of his pet dog(s) – a story filled with love, loss and second chances. He told us to reflect on our feelings, and like it was given the chance it’s been waiting for, my heart poured itself out on paper.

These thoughts have haunted me since then.

Love is such an essential human experience, and with it comes pain, hope and faith.

I know that, but for now, let me just concentrate my love on the Kinder Bueno I have in my hand – it’s far less complicated like that.

Lots of love,


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