87. RocketWorld

Just received an email invitation to join Rocketworld again (yes, I have yet to unsubscribe. So sayang!) and memories are flooding back.

Awww man, happy happy times.

Alhamdulillah for the opportunities. Hopefully I’ll get another chance in another future to teach overseas inshaAllah, hehe. (:

The Tudung Traveller

I have an amazing timetable, alhamdulillah. My Mondays and Fridays are free, except for the occasional seminars (read: only three in the whole ten weeks) which fall on Mondays.

I usually use up Monday to recuperate from the exhaustion of the weekend’s travels and Friday to explore Manchester. Last Friday turned out slightly different though – I’d volunteered for RocketWorld.

RocketWorld is an intercultural learning adventure for 7-11 year olds. It includes volunteers from all over and the world’s largest touring EarthBall. Organised by the International Society, an independent non-profit organisation in Greater Manchester which works to support international students, promote international friendship and celebrate cultural diversity, it is held in schools, mostly in Manchester and the area around it.

Last Friday, we went to Bolton (about 30minutes-ish drive out of Manchester) to conduct RocketWorld for one of the primary schools! This time round though, we had children as young…

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