244. “Can you teach me how to wear that?”

“Can you teach me how to wear that?”

I was wearing the hijab, preparing for another day of exploring Sevilla.

“Sure, of course!”

We popped by the common toilet right next to our dorm and I showed her how to wear the hijab.

“Oh, it’s really easy! I feel… different.”

The smile on her face was so wide, her spirit radiating with a joy from the novel experience.

Doesn’t she look beautiful?
This is one of the reasons why I absolutely love staying in hostels: meeting people who are so open to learning about others.

More often than not, I am the first Muslim (wearing the hijab) they’ve met and they are so so so eager to learn about Islam and the hijab. I try my best to share whatever I know and it is an absolutely amazing feeling to see the light in their eyes when they realise that Islam isn’t the terrible thing the media portrays it to be.

I met 2 beautiful ladies from Chile in Sevilla who were so warm and open from the very start.

It’s little things like this that makes travelling ven more meaningful. (:

Lots of love,

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