243. No me ha dejado

“NO8DO” is the official motto of Seville. It is popularly believed to be read as “No me ha dejado”, meaning “It [Seville] has not abandoned me”, with the eight in the middle representing a madeja, or skein of wool.

Legend has it that the title was given by King Alfonso X, who was residing in Sevilla when his son tried to usurp him from the throne. The Sevillans stood by him and supported him throughout the civil war. The title was a gift.

This kinda story makes my heart flutter, y’know. Gosh, I love history!

Anyway, when Ania shared this story, we were standing in front of this building:

For the life of me, I cannot remember what it was.

Oh wait, it’s the Ayuntamiento, or the City Hall! Yay journal and Google!

What I do remember was the significance of its walls.

Do you notice anything?

Take a look from left to right.

The decorations on the walls phased out.

What did it signify?

The fall of the empire.

Leftmost: Rich-ass empire.
Rightmost: Mehhh, no more money.

It struck me how these kinds of things, things that most people will tend to overlook unless pointed out to, hold so much history and meaning to it.

I mean, unless you’re one who is really interested in architecture/art and love observing buildings, I doubt you’d notice it.

Darin, who was on the tour with me, was the one who pointed it out to me first, before Ania did.

“Hey, look at the way the decoration shifts!”

Total architecture student.

Lots of love,


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