238. The stranger to Sevilla.

It’s been a while since I wrote about my travels, hasn’t it?

Woops, I guess that happens when so many things start happening simultaneously in your life. You lose focus, you restrategise, you pump in effort into different things. But anyhoos, I realised I needed to get back to writing about my travels… Cos well, that’s my core right? 🙂

So right!

I wrote about leaving Granada last, and heading towards Sevilla.

But before I share about Sevilla per se… Let me just say that if there’s one thing about travelling I really hold on to, it’s the concept of valuing the journey instead of wholly the destination.

There’s so many things to notice and learn when you pay attention to the journey. And the strangers you meet along the way may just turn out to be beautiful souls placed in your path to guide you.

IMG_7444This is Darin, from South Africa. He’d just completed his MA in Architecture and was on a 3 months trip before starting work. We met at the bus station in Granada and started talking after we realised we both couldn’t understand what the bus driver was telling us to do (he was telling us to put our backpacks in the luggage compartment). Four hours and a couple of naps later, we realised to our dismay that the bus stopped at a different station than we’d expected, one that is further away from our hostels. We were pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

I had directions to my hotel from the other bus station, not this particular one. It was 9pm.

Instead of panicking, he switched on his GPS and volunteered to walk me to my hostel. We agreed to have him drop off his bag at his hostel first before heading to mine. I was sooooo grateful to have him there with me cos the streets are crazy winding and deserted – I’d have gotten lost!

We had a nice chat along the way until we arrived at my hostel, which was a good 20 mins and many many crazy streets away. We didn’t exchange any contact info or whatever but I know that this, this was one of the ways He keeps me protected. I truly cannot imagine how I would have been had I been alone. Alhamdulillah!

I was so glad we smiled at each other and struck a conversation at Granada’s bus station. 🙂

It was definitely an interesting introduction to Sevilla, which honestly, held a very important place in my journey of healing.

But Sevilla… That’s another story for another day. 🙂

Lots of love,


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