235. Rainbow Bake Meet 2014

Rainbow Bake Meet 2014

I know I have yet to complete my RainbowsforBatam entries and other Tudung Projects from last year but… let me write about this Sunday’s event first ok? I will be back to write about everything else that have been placed on the backburner (for wayyy too long). 🙂

1508596_10151916521757081_978932744_nWhat is this about?

Following up from the success of our first ever Rainbow Bake Sale (ig: #rainbowbakesale) at Penny University, we will be having another charity bake sale on 19 January 2014! This time round, we wish to make it a little special by having more bakers on board and have a mini party! We also want to hang out with everyone so we’ve decided to have it at our very own venue and extend the hours! So instead of a flash sale, this will be the opportunity for everyone to come down, have some yummy cake and coffee and mingle with other like-minded and passionate people!

Who is the beneficiary?

So wait, it’s a charity bake sale right? That means we’re supporting an organization, right? Yes!

Continuing with our past project(s), we are doing this for children/orphans. This time, Hidayah (minahcrocker) will be heading to Dhaka and handing over the donations personally. Specifically, to The Dhaka Project. This organization works with the children/orphans in slums to break the poverty cycle through education and social development.

More information can be found on http://thedhakaproject.org/

Event details

Date: 19 January 2014 (Sunday)
Time: 11am – 6pm
Address: 11 Sin Ming Drive, Thomson V Two, B3-09, Unit 12 (ample parking space available)
Nearest MRT: Marymount (5 mins walk or bus 410 from station) PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE ERROR IN THE BUS NUMBER IN THE POSTER

There are currently TWELVE bakers on board so can you imagine the crazy variety we will have! Hidayah (minahcrocker) and Zahirah (dimpledchicks) will be bringing their specialities (think rainbowbakesale at Penny Uni) and well, all the other bakers with their own thang! We will also be having a photobooth for everyone!

So come hang out with us this Sunday! Lots of yummy cake, coffee and good company – can’t possibly go wrong right? (:

Lots of love,

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