232. RainbowsforBatam in Pictures (3/4)

I have so much more to say but words fail me tonight.

As I look back at these photos, as memories flash by in this haphazard mind, as feelings rise to the surface, all I can do is close my eyes and say a prayer of thanks.

Thanks for the beautiful people I’ve had the blessing to cross paths with, the life-affirming moments experienced and the opportunities to do good on His lands.

Thanks for the smiles, for the laughters, for the prayers and for the love.

I’ll leave you with the amazing photos by Flashed.sg and Fahmy – they are able to speak volumes more than I can for now. Parts 1 and 2 found here and here.

Events in chronological order:

1) Coconut ice-cream delight during our lunch break! (:

2) Handing over donations at Panti Asuhan Nahdatul Wataan.

3) Spending time at Panti Asuhan Riyadhus Shalihin.

I hope somewhere through reading this entry, you smiled. (:

Lots of love,


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