230. RainbowsforBatam: The beginning (1/4)

Time and time again I am reminded of the goodness of people. There are so many people out there who are constantly on the search for something meaningful to do. When they find it, they’ll immediately jump on it.

Today, it is finally time to share this little journey all of us took together, nearly one month back.

I was contemplating between writing everything out in one entry and splitting them into parts. There are so many awesome pictures y’know! It seemed way too heavy if I included everything into one entry so I’ll be doing these in parts! 🙂

Preparations for RainbowsforBatam went way back, from the charity bake sale to the pre-trip donation collections.

When I called out for participants for the trip, I didn’t think many people would be interested! I was so blown away by the response, I had to cap the number of participants due to logistical concerns! Now, who would have thought? MashaAllah, I was so happy! I mean, we were just a bunch of individuals thinking of heading to some orphanages in Batam, you know?

Flashed even came forward to volunteer to be the official photographers for the trip! Thank you for the awesome photos you guys! The Flashed team, who specialises in lifestyle and fashion shoots, was such a joy to work with! :):)

Anyway, the day itself!

We arrived in Batam early. While I ran to settle the return tickets, Syaz lead ice-breaking games. Most of the participants of the trip came alone so it was especially beautiful to see the friendships forming! MashaAllah, what awesome people we had! 🙂

We then gathered for a quick briefing of the day’s plans, delegation of roles and prayers to bless the trip. Always important to start things right yo! 😉

Then off we went to our first adventure: shopping!

Leo, our driver for the day, brought us to the same place I went to the last time (the wholesale markets) for us to get the groceries and toiletries for cheap!

We divided the group into two places to increase efficiency (and because there were too many people to fit into one shop. :P)

Loading the van and bus up!

We used the money collected to purchase rice, eggs, salt, sugar, indomie, biscuits body wash soaps, shampoos, detergents, toothpastes and other daily necessities.

Once we got everything we needed, everyone was back up on the bus and onwards to the first home: Panti Asuhan Nujumul Huda!

More in the next entry! 🙂

Lots of love,


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