228. We are all afraid.

We are all, to some degree, afraid of being lonely.

And that’s okay.

What we have to learn to do is to manage our state well enough in order to never let this fear overwhelm us. Don’t let this fear lead us to making disastrous decisions: staying committed to an abusive partner, to seek solace in harmful ways, to self-destruct….

It is okay to be human, you know. Don’t let it destroy you.

4 thoughts on “228. We are all afraid.

  1. Afterall, when we die, we will be buried alone :S Morbid thots aside, we shoud embrace being alone. I know some people who is so afraid just to ‘be alone’. It’s really sad.

    • It’s a legitimate fear that everyone faces. It’s like the fear of getting hurt – natural but shouldn’t be overwhelming. It’s all about being a work in progress at our own pace. 🙂

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