226. RainbowsforBatam: Pre-trip

Preparations for RainbowsforBatam went a while back, right from before the Charity Bake Sale. Remember this?

Before I proceed, let me introduce my beautiful co-organiser. 🙂


I quickly realised I wasn’t able to handle organising RainbowsforBatam alone, what with my other commitments and hectic schedule, so I (went down on one knee, hehe, and) proposed to my dearest bestie to be my co-organiser. We’d both gone for the Eid trip and I knew we will have similar wavelengths in terms of planning. I also knew she was the creative maestro and has the head of an educator too so things will be easy for the both of us to manage.

That was one of the best decisions I made.


We had so much fun cafe-hopping under the pretext of planning for the trip! 😛






Having a co-organiser meant that I was able to do what I do best (i.e. logistical coordination) without worrying about the activities and minute details of the trip. It’s always a good thing to seek help when one needs to! Plus, to have such an awesome working relationship with your bestfriend – priceless! 🙂

We managed to collect more donations along the way, in terms of money, clothes, toys and stationery, alhamdulillah! There were three donation collection points set up around Singapore, with my house being one of it. On Friday night, this was the amount collected at my place:


Have to give a shout out to my parents for being so awesome at (re)packing and organising the donations that came streaming in throughout the week!

I was truly blown away by the amount of donations we received. It came to a point where I needed to quickly adjust logistical arrangements in Batam – I had to arrange for a bigger bus!

Anyway, on the Thursday before the trip, I organised a little get-together at my home to break the ice with participants and to pack goodie bags.


Very very thankful for their help and presence because I really don’t know how Syazana and I would have managed to pack all 100 goodie bags on our own. The more the merrier for these kinda things, I’d say!

I was slightly all over the place that day (we did icebreaking at the end of the get-together, whaaaat? Haha!) but I’m really glad everything went well.


Even babygirl and her mummy came to help out with preparations!


Wait, this was when she was just zoning out. Haha! 😛

IMG_0607The guys stayed behind to help label the bags for easier delegation on Saturday – primary school pride right here! We were all from the same school way back during our kental days. >.<


Syazana and I spent Friday settling all final details, staying up late just because…. (: I have to say, we were practically like a husband-and-wife team during the days right before the trip – I’d go for school/work, she’d go to run errands for the trip and then we’ll meet to run more errands together. Hahah!

How we ended up looking so fresh at 6am on Saturday… is all thanks to make-up. 😛

IMG_0649And hey, I turned 23! 😉

Lots of love,


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