212. Thank you, little one.

I was still feeling overwhelmed from the experience of exploring the mezquita-cathedral, so I sat in the courtyard and took out my journal. As I started to get in touch with my thoughts and emotions, I noticed something peculiar:

Only then did I realise that the mezquita was originally built to be open, with wide doors that lead out to the courtyard and light and air were to be flowing in abundance. It wasn’t originally built to be the dark and damp place I just got out from.

Oh. All bricked-up now. How depressing.

Then I started writing.

In between scribbles, I noticed, from the corner of my eye, a  toddler walking/crawling towards me. He seemed shy at first but when I turned and smiled at him, he crawled faster and plonked himself right next to me. He sat down, looked up at me & gave me the biggest smile.

His father was trailing him all this time, assuming he was crawling in one direction and I was just a ‘roadblock’ along the way. When he sat down next to me, his father coaxed him to stand up & continue walking away from me. He obliged – he stood up, took a few steps, sat on my other side and then refused to budge.

The father asked if I knew how to speak French to which I said no, so he taught me to say Au revoir to his boy.
The boy still refused to budge (I’m not sure if it was due to my amateur attempt to speak French, haha); he just kept looking at me with the biggest eyes.

I loved his eyes, there was so depth in it,  I had to ask his father if I could take a picture of him.

His father then picked him up and carried him away to which he started crying. He stopped crying when I started waving to him and proceeded to give me a big smile.

I don’t know who you are and why you were so attracted to me but thank you, little one, for making my day.

You lifted my spirits with your innocence – perhaps you were sent from God to make me smile and let me know I was not alone.

May you grow up well, little one.


5 thoughts on “212. Thank you, little one.

  1. Yes, I believe he was sent to you to accompany you in that brief moment to lift your spirit. Allah works in beautiful ways!

    He’s very cute!

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