207. Charity Bake Sale: Spread love and eat cakes!

Yay, about time I write on the awesomeness that was the charity bake sale, aka #rainbowbakesale on Instagram! 🙂I know I should probably be doing my essay and revision right now (hello hell weeks!) buuuuut, I just read a whole chapter of Management thingamajigs so this should be a reward for me right? My brain needs to take a rest. 😛

Anyway, all pictures of this entry are courtesy of TheAlternativeFoodBlog (blog link here), Fahmy (photo blog here), Jabir (ig here), Amirul and the contributors of the #rainbowbake tag on instagram! We didn’t have any official photographer of sorts because we thought it was just going to be a simple event, so thank you so much all you people for taking photos for us! 😀

We were actually worried about the turnout, if there were going to be people coming to buy our cakes, if the cakes will last etc, but truly, Allah made it easy, alhamdulillah! The turnout was fantastic, our cakes sold out by 1.30pm and people donated so charitably to the cause! In case you missed the announcement, we raised $1500 during the sale, alhamdulillah! 😀


Let me first entice you with photos of the goodies we had on sale, to *cough cough* show what you missed out on!

Video of the pinata cake being cut open here

We arrived early to set up the pop-up table (THANK YOU PENNY UNIVERSITY) and arrange the goods on the oh-so-happy tablecloth Hidayah (aka MinahCrocker) got for the sale!

But since I am hopeless at decorating and arranging stuff (let the bakers do their work yo), I went to fold boxes with a sweet angel, a devil and a wizard. I am totally Dorothy from Wizard of Oz here, happily pasting smiley stickers!

People started streaming in before 11am and Hidayah’s rainbow cake was such a hit! By ten past 11, we were rocking!

Hidayah, Zahirah (DimpledChicks) and Hidayah’s mother were so in their zone, busy interacting with people and packing the cakes into boxes! I love love love seeing people doing things that they’re passionate about – there’s just a shine and twinkle in their eyes, the bounce in their step and the sincerity in their smiles!

I was the appointed cashier so yay, I got to greet every single person who came! 😀

Spot me at my cashier’s corner! 😛

There were a significant number of walk-in customers but I’ve got to say, the vast majority were our dear dear friends and the instagram community! Thank you to everyone who helped to share the word and who came down to buy our cakes! 😀

Of course we always have time to stop and take pictures so… spot yourself in the following pictures! 😉

It was an amazingly successful event, exceeding all our expectations, and the three of us are absolutely blown away by it! It is our first time having such a bake sale and we cannot thank enough each and every person who supported us in making this a reality.

We learnt so much through the entire process, about ourselves, about each other and about the people around us. (:

Thank you once again. (‘: May Allah accept all your deeds and bless you with much, much more!

I personally have to give a shoutout to my boys: Zafar, Amirul and Zakaria!

Thank you Zafar for responding immediately to my SOS on Friday night to transport the cakes from Lakeside to my place in Woodlands, despite staying all the way in Pasir Ris. Thank you Amirul and Zakaria for absolutely winging in through the event, for driving me (and the cakes!) all the way to PennyUni, for having so much initiative to just take up and do whatever was necessary, from folding boxes to taking orders from customers, to being the poster boy (haha) to keeping me sane & grounded the entire time. I am very blessed to have all of you in my life! Thank you so so so much for having my back! ❤

Thank you to my parents too for always supporting whatever crazy idea I come up with and always letting me fly free! The bake sale wouldn’t have happened if they had not egged me on to constantly be of benefit to others & use my knowledge and skills for the sake of Allah.

1395875_10151740653472081_1234233880_nAnd of course, the stars of the rainbow bake sale: the bakers themselves!

I have so much love and respect for these two ladies! :’)


I am so so so proud of both of them! Their dedication, passion & love for the trade are just mindblowing! Each and every cake was crafted lovingly by them and it shows! They barely slept for 2 days but were so high throughout the 3 hours earlier! I cannot explain this feeling of pride and excitement for them – it’s a very teacher-y thing, even though I was in no way their teacher or anything, HAHA! I feel extremely blessed to have had the chance to work with such talents!

Truly, this is just the beginning of something beautiful for all of us! 🙂

May Allah keep us in His shade and blessings and may we always remember to glorify Him first and foremost in everything that we do, ameen! ❤

For those who have been wondering if we are still open for donations, the answer is YES! You can check out the Donation Wishlist (found on the tab under the Tudung Volunteers dropdown menu) for more details. If you’d like to join us, sign-ups are open until 8 November (cos we need to go get ferry tickets!). The sign up form can be found on the Sign-up option under the said dropdown menu too.

I am so excited for the 16th of November now! 😀

DSCF2699-2-2 copy



If you found this useful and think others might also benefit from it, share it on Facebook or Twitter via the link below! Thank you and see you again soon! xx

7 thoughts on “207. Charity Bake Sale: Spread love and eat cakes!

    • Thank you! We did have lots of fun! 😀

      We don’t have any dates at the moment but we’re definitely thinking of having one perhaps in the beginning of next year. Hopefully that works out!

  1. wow!, eeeeverything looks delicious!!, I guess everyone realized all there were made with so much Love 🙂
    Apart from the money itself, It’s something big what you are doing!… congrats!

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