206. Today my first love is a married man.


Today my first love is a married man. The man who taught me to love without prejudice, without justification and without question. The man who made me learn to accept myself first, with all my issues and baggage. The man who eventually left me stronger in the wake of his departure because I know I am capable of loving myself.

I was a junior college kid dating a man with a NITEC cert. That raised more than a few eyebrows. Then I was the top student going into university dating a man who couldn’t even handle his job. That was just scandalous in the eyes of many. But it didn’t matter then, and it still doesn’t matter now.

There’s no shame in celebrating the joys of a past love. We loved them once, and whatever the circumstances are now, that love would never change. For that moment in time, it was real and that is all that matters. Be at peace with yourself and most importantly, be at peace with your own actions, present and past.

So to my first love, I have nothing but happiness for you on your special day. You have finally found your missing piece and I am overjoyed for you, alhamdulillah. May you be a good imam for your wife and children, and may you and your wife be blessed with much on this new journey. Thank you for the memories and the lessons. May you always be in Allah’s shade.

Things that will be, will be.



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