Reblog: 8 things you might not know about Singapore

Pretty cool stuff! 🙂

The Heartlander Tourist

1. Bishan was built on a former cemetry, the Kwong Wai Siu Pek San Teng

Kwong Wai Siew Pek San TengImage from National Archives Singapore

2. We have a country-side, it’s called, really.

Kranji CountrysideThere’s even an association!

3. There are still kelongs in Singapore.

Random point, why not give kelongs a new lease of life by having dining establishments on the kelong? Kelong dinner date anyone?

Kelong Singapore

Image from Kelong Singapore

4. The Singapore mainland actually has 63 other smaller islands surrounding it that belong to Singapore.

5. We used to own an island behind Indonesia, called Christmas Island. But it was sold to Australia in 1957.

Christmas Island

Now its a hidden paradise masquerading as a detention centre.

6. Did you know that districts could move? Neither did I 😉 (hint, it’s not the political one)

MRT 1984MRT 1989See how Queenstowna and Commonwealth swopped places? Try and see if you can also spot the name changes.


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