201. TudungTravels so far – Setting the context

So now The Tudung Traveller has come to light, where do we go from here?

I think before I move forward and continue reflecting on and sharing my Eyes of Wonder journey, it’ll be good to look at how far we’ve come and to set the context for future posts.

The Eyes of Wonder journey encapsulates 6 months, 6 countries & 26 towns/cities worth of travel, and more. I’ve already written about… 1/3 of it? You can find the links on the Tudung Travels tab (see above. 🙂 ) for the existing posts!

photo 1[1]_Fotor_CollagePlaces I’ve written on so far. (:

It started out as an innocent student-exchange journey, when I flew to Manchester for a semester’s stint at The University of Manchester. At that point of time, my life seemed set – I was going to be away for 6 months, travel and live it up, then I will be returning home to get engaged to my (then) boyfriend, and well, everything else was supposed to fall into place along the way. But we can only plan right? Ultimate, He decides. My life eventually went on a totally different path when a curveball was thrown at me. Something caused the pandora’s box to be opened and control, one of the things I value most, was thrown out of the window. *woops* My relationship ended abruptly while I was millions of kilometres away (which was a good and a bad thing) and well, it wasn’t an amicable ending, let’s just put it at that. Yet in that precarious situation, where things could have gone either way, my healing journey began.


I started to use my travels strategically – it was no longer just about seeing the world, it was about physically taking a journey of growth and healing.  I started writing – a lot – too, in my diary, on my Instagram, and on this blog. My diary became a must-have companion, together with my phone and the Quran, and I was writing at any opportunity I could get. I’d sit down in random places after exploring and I’d write. I wrote about the place, I wrote about my thoughts, I wrote about my feelings and I wrote about everything else.


Writing did wonders for me – I became more self-aware and comfortable with my own humanity. My inner voice was suddenly given the chance to be heard and that changed everything for me. I was allowing myself to be weak, to accept and process my feelings and my spirit was growing. It was an organic journey – it took place naturally and at its own pace. By then, I’d surrendered to His wisdom in piecing me back together.


Along the way, I saw amazing places, met beautiful souls and found myself again.

I am now back in Singapore, slogging through making the best out of the semester and doing what I love, so things are all good now. I finally found my closure but I will forever be grateful for the journey of growth I was guided through. This is where The Tudung Traveller will move from henceforth, reflecting on the places I’ve been to and the lessons I’d learnt (starting from Cordoba’s Mezquita-Cathedral) and then beyond those six months.

There are still so many places I’ve yet to write on and lessons to share, and I AM EXCITED! I hope you are too! 🙂



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