200. The Tudung Traveller is born!

Announcement 1

Say hello to The Tudung Traveller!

tudunglogoThe Tudung Traveller
/ðə tuːdʌŋ  trævələ/

1. Muslim female, of Malay ethnic origins, who travels.
a)    Currently based in Singapore but often times can be found dreaming of/physically elsewhere.
b)   Believes the world is meant to be discovered, one amazing place at a time.
c)    A life enthusiast; someone with lots of love to give
d)   Otherwise known as AtikahAmalina

* Tudung (noun)- Malay word for the veil/headscarf, donned by Muslim females to cover their hair and chest.


Like many ideas before it, TheTudungTraveller came about when I was absolutely swamped with work. I have several assignments due soon, but in the cluttered mess, I had a moment of epiphany.

I have been writing and travelling so much, why not bring it a step further? I realised early on that there are few blogs that speak to the Muslim traveller, what more female Muslim traveller. Experience has taught me that traveling as a female who dons the hijab (proud Muslim here!), solo or with company, is a different ball game altogether, so this is definitely one gap I can fill! It has been growing organically and I believe the time is finally right to take the next step. (:

TheTudungTraveller was coined by my father over dinner, when I was throwing about the idea of coming up with my own brand. My mother, brother and I were coming up with several names but the moment my dad said, “What about The Tudung Traveller?”, I immediately latched upon it. I wont lie, the alliteration was the one that got me (hey, linguist through and through!) but when I actually looked at it, it really does encapsulate everything about me.

The lexical choice of the Malay term ‘Tudung’ was purposeful – it concisely showcases my identity as a Muslim, a Malay and a female. These aspects of my identity have shaped the way I see the world; these are the groups of people whose voice I represent.


I wish to write the story of the human spirit – flawed, constantly full of hope and strengthened by faith. My travel stories are not only about the what and where, but also of the how and why. They aren’t just about the places I’ve been to, but the journey of faith and growth that has taken place along the way.

If anything, I wish to show that life is meant to be lived, that paradigms are made to be broken, that any form of adventure is the necessary ingredient for every soul to feel alive. Being unapologetically human and living a life of no regrets are ultimately the best gift one can give to the world.

I wouldn’t be right here, writing out this entry, without the support of my parents, my brothers and they whom I hold very dear to my heart. My mum and dad have been with me every step of the way, from the moment they believed it was time to unclip my wings and let me fly, to being the wind beneath my wings propelling me higher and further, to setting up the harbour I lovingly return to and call ‘home’.  My brothers are the duo (no matter how much I love to annoy them) who makes me strive to be a better person every single day, so that they’ll be able to look at me and think, “Because of you, I didn’t give up.” My loved ones, oh my dear loved ones, they are the people whom God has blessed me with to remind me that His grace and love are ever-present, that I am never alone and that I will always have people cheering me on.  To all these people, thank you. I hope I’ve made you proud and I hope to continue making you proud. ❤

IMG_6876 2

This is ultimately a new beginning for me and I wont lie, I’m scared out of my wits. Sure, I’ve done the physical steps of revamping the blog (check out the new tabs!) and getting started, but what’s to come… now that’s going to be interesting. I have big plans, like moving on to my own domain soon, so hey, may Allah make it easy for me, ameen! ❤

My best friend told me this when I broke the news to her: “Bigger amanah. Bigger purpose. Must hold it up high. Be honest no matter how painful it is. People need that. People need honesty.”

I was praying for God to make me of benefit to others and this is it, this is what I was praying to be lead to. He led me to this, I’m very sure He will lead me through it. Now I pray He guides me every step of the way, to always remember to place Him first and foremost in everything I do and to always have faith in His wisdom. I’m ready for this – this is me stepping out of my comfort zone.

And…. what better way to kickstart this amazing new leg of my journey other than combining some of the things I love?

Hint: Children, cake and purpose!

Announcement 2

DSCF2699-2-2 copyPhoto credits: Roslina of Flashed

I am organising a daytrip to the children homes on Saturday, the 16th of November. It will be similar to the one I wrote about here, minus the Eid celebration angle. It will be from 8am to 8pm – the finer details will be announced at a later date.

If you are interested to be a part of this trip, please fill up the form at this link.

If you are interested to donate money/items, do drop me an email at atikahamalina@gmail.com! 🙂

Announcement 3

And ooooh, this is one thing I’m very very very excited about!

In the spirit of this impeding visit too, -drumrollllll-, I have teamed up with two absolutely amazing home-bakers to have a charity bake sale!

photoThese two ladies are so so so talented, I cannot even begin to express it in words, so let the pictures do the talking! Just check out some of their bakes! (Photos taken from minahcrocker.blogspot.com & instagram.com/dimpledchicks)

So dreamy and gorgeous right? My personal favourite so far has got to be this by minahcrocker! Balloons, bears and whimsical colours – what more do you need?

Add them on Instagram (minahcrocker and dimpledchicks!) for more awesome goodies! 🙂

Anyway, the charity bake sale will be happening on the 26th of October 2013 at Penny University! More details on the items that will be sold will be up soon but as for now, pen this down in your schedule people! Cakes + a good cause, you can’t really go wrong there right? (:

So yes, the announcements in summary! The Tudung Traveller is born, the next children homes visit will be on the 16th of November and the charity bake sale will be on the 26th of October. Told you you didn’t want to miss this right? (:

Now I can’t wait to get back on my EyesofWonder writing bandwagon! 😀

2 thoughts on “200. The Tudung Traveller is born!

  1. i love love love minahcrocker’s bakes!!!!! her bakes always look so amazing and so out of this world. now i’m contemplating as to whether i should reschedule my appointments on 26th October so i can make it for the bake sale, gahhh. oh, and ‘The Tudung Traveller’ is *such* a catchy name, your dad is a genius!

    anyway, i really, really love what you’re doing for the children homes too, may you be blessed for bringing such great joy and kindness to your friends and strangers alike 😀

    • I LOVE HER TOO! She is unbelievably talented and such a sweet soul too!

      Hehehe, come lah come lahh reschedule! Then we can meeeeeeeet! 😀

      And thank you for the du’a! May you be blessed for all the awesome things you are doing too! ❤

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