198. Panti Asuhan Batam Eid Visit

Remember I posted about going on a trip to Batam to celebrate Eid with the orphans there? I did a little donation drive where so many lovely souls contributed in their own little ways, either by donating money, clothes, toys or books, or even give moral support. (Thank you!) I even posted a short video here of snippets from our trip, made by a dear friend!

It’s been more than a month since the 31st of July, so I guess it’s really about time I roll up my sleeves and get started on this! There are exciting plans coming up ahead too so, let’s get this one done and dusted first. (:

This project was actually the brainchild of Abg Irsad, and was organised by Makcu. In other words, I just jumped on the coordinating bandwagon shamelessly when Makcu told me about it. 😛 Hey, might as well follow suit for a worthy cause right?

My awesome Makchu! (:

*All pictures are credited to my awesome friends: Fuanni, Iffah, Roslina, Syazana and Zakaria! (:

I called out for volunteers who’d like to come on the trip too and oh boy, I was super happy when I received an amazing response! It was such a colourful group; friends from my primary school days, from NUS and also from Instagram came together on that lovely Saturday morning!

Our entourage of nearly thirty people was made up of 2 age groups, the young ones and the younger ones. 😛

The young(er) ones! 😛 So much love for everyone!

Everyone altogether now!

Before we left, I said a silent prayer:

Ya Rabb, bless our journey & ease our affairs for this trip. Realign our intentions to be always for You. Keep our hearts & minds open for Your lessons and beauty. Let our presence bring joy to the children & let the children bring joy to our lives. Ameen!

It was to be an amazing day and I knew it! 😀

Once in Batam and after settling some logistical matters, we met our drivers (Leo + his friend) and off we went on to get the first thing on our agenda done: Grocery shopping!

Most of our donors requested for their money to be used to be purchase food items for the homes so that was what we did. I personally feel it’s better to give both tangible (food) items and monetary donations instead of just the latter. (:

We bought all our items from a local wholesale centre in order to maximise the funds we had. Lucky for us, Leo knew where the good deals are and we’ve been frequenting this particular shop for the past few trips! Even the owners recognised us as the people who’d wiped out one of her rice stock. 😛

Counting Indonesian rupiahs is no joke ok! 😛

We bought essential food items such as rice, eggs and Indomie, and also other household items such as toothpastes, body wash soaps, shampoos and dishwashing liquids. All these supplies were to be divided amongst the 4 homes which we were visited that day.

Got to thank the guys for being our heavyweight champions!

Once we had all our supplies, off we went to the first children home: Panti Asuhan Nujumul Huda!

I’d mentioned this particular home in this entry, where I shared how I felt such a strong connection to Ibu Sinar, the principal of the home. I was definitely very eager to head back to celebrate Eid with the kids but… I had no idea the kind of event she (and Makchu) had organised for us!

We were greeted by kompang y’guyssss!

What a nice gesture!

I was also very surprised to see the tentage and chairs for the event, and there was even a small stage! I didn’t anticipate such a grand affair but oh wow, it was splendid! The kids were all decked out in traditional clothes and there were also neighbours around to join in the festivities.

Since the home is located right smack in the middle of a residential area, Ibu Sinar had called upon the help of the other women there to prepare local dishes for us. The food was sponsored by Makchu and Cik Wati, another one of my aunts. (:

While having brunch, the children entertained us with their performances. It was really really really cute to watch all of them being so excited and happy to perform for us.

P1030457_Fotor_CollageIbu Sinar and Abg Irsad giving their speeches. (:

After the children showcased their performances, it was our turn to give back to them!


Makchu and I handed over the donations we had before we proceeded to draw out henna on the children’s hands! The children (and adults, even!) were so enthralled by the concept of having their hands henna-ed; to be the person doing it for them felt amazing.

Far too soon, we had to say our goodbyes as we were heading to another few homes. One last round of picture taking!


The next home we went to was the one where I’d met (and fallen in love with) the little Yusuf: Panti Asuhan Riyadhus Shalihin.

This was a quick stop, just to hand over donations and play with the kids for a while.


And I got to meet Yusuf again!!!! MashaAllah, I was so happy! 😀


It was then a quick stop at another smaller children’s home right across the road, which was helmed by a Javanese ustaz.

Once the donations were handed over, off we went to the last home where we’d planned to have tea with the children. It was the largest home amongst the four but the road to access it was too narrow for the van we were in, so we got out and walked.

The staff of the home prepared for us tea while we gave the kids some tidbits. Such simple joys!

Besides the surface value of the Eid celebrations, I believe each and every one of us on the trip had our own individual experiences in terms of connections with the kids. All it really took was some initiative on our part to interact with the kids and voila, we’re in the world! These kids have so much love and potential in them, we ended up being the one receiving so much instead of giving. ❤




At the end of the day, we do our best to have it really for the children.

Photo 31-8-13 12 35 58 PM_Fotor_Collage



I hope each and every one of the volunteers who’d gone on the trip with me had an enlightening time and learnt much from the children and the experience. I am so proud of everyone for grabbing the opportunity when it came their way and going with such an open heart and mind. ❤

May Allah bless every one with much much much more barakah and…. may the next trip take form soon. 🙂

Yup, I am planning for another trip in the near future. InshaAllah, it will be slightly different from this Eid visit but hey, it’s still in the works. May Allah make it easy for me and for everyone who is interested to join in to strive to be of benefit!

Abu Hurairah (RA) reports that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) stated”Whoever caresses the head of an orphan (in affection), solely for the sake of Allah, a good deed will be written to his account for every hair over which he passed his hand, and whoever treated an orphan (boy or girl) with goodness and kindness, he and I will be close to each-other in Heaven as these two fingers” The Prophet (SAW) made a gesture with his fingers as explained above.

Watch this space for exciting announcements! (:

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